Another Senator Caught Into Bribery, But This One Proclaims Himself Guilty!

Another Senator Caught Into Bribery But This One Proclaims Himself Guilty

With all that is going on recently, we wonder whether the corruption is rising or are we just getting more aware of it.

One is for sure, if Hillary won the WH the corruption would have been at its highest, so we have avoided that dodge, but still there are too many corrupted officials brought into light every single day.

The opportunities you have as a politicians to make yourself rich are great. Now, the challenge is to enrich yourself without being caught.

We found out of another legislator accused of augmenting his salary using methods at variance with the law. This would be State Senator Nathaniel T. Oaks, a Democrat in Maryland. Prosecutors claim he confessed to taking cash for political favors. He has pleaded not-guilty. The trial approaches.

“A Maryland state senator has confessed to taking cash payments in exchange for conducting official business, federal prosecutors said last week.

“State Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks, a Democrat, is scheduled to stand trial in the spring on charges of bribery and obstruction of justice. Oaks has pleaded not guilty.

“Oaks’ confession was revealed in a motion that prosecutors filed against a request by Oaks to have the bribery and obstruction charges tried separately, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“The next legislative session for Maryland’s general Assembly begins Wednesday. Oaks’ trial is set to begin right after the session concludes.”

He is innocent until proven the opposite, so the question Is whether he will remain in the office until the trial is on?!

Here are more details:

“Oaks is accused of accepting $15,300 from someone he believed was a ‘wealthy Texas businessman’ but who was working for the FBI, the Sun reported, citing information from prosecutors.

“Subsequently, while cooperating with authorities, Oaks reportedly coached an FBI investigation target to ‘Just say no’ when Oaks offered the subject cash as part of the investigation, court documents said.”

Oaks was caught in an FBI string operation. Hmm, but why have FBI been interested in him at first place?! A question that still remains unanswered.

When it comes to his resignation, the opinions are divided. Maryland Senate President wants him to stay in the office, while the Republican governor wants him to resign.

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