As Trump Leaves White House, He Turns Back Toward Crowd & Leaves Them Stunned

As Trump Leaves White House He Turns Back Toward Crowd Leaves Them Stunned

On his way to West Virginia, President Trump took a few minutes to leave the crowd speechless as he departed the White House.

Walking across the White House lawn to Marine One, Trump turned and noticed a crowd of cheering supporters. Immediately, he switched directions to go over and personally greet them. If you watch the video footage, you’ll see that he personally greeted and shook the hands of each person – men, women, and children. He thanks all of them for their support and loyalty.

President Trump was headed to West Virginia to take part in a roundtable session on tax reform. However, during the event, he also took the time to promote his ideas on on border control and illegal immigration issues.

In everything he does, President Trump has the American people foremost in his mind. He wants to make the country great for all Americans. This is evident in the little things he does – such as greeting his supporters on his way to Marine One.

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