BREAKING: YouTube Shooter’s Identity Revealed… Liberal PETA Activist

BREAKING YouTube Shooters Identity Revealed Liberal PETA Activist

Late Tuesday night, the full identity of the YouTube campus shooter has been revealed by mainstream media — but don’t think this story will stick around long. The alleged shooter appears to be a far left activist woman, with a name that doesn’t *ahem* exactly sound common.

So it shouldn’t be long until the liberal media sweeps this one away…

Gateway Pundit reports:

As TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks previously reported, an active shooter unleashed a barrage of bullets at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California Tuesday afternoon.

KPIX 5 reporter Andria Borba said at least two Homeland Security units were responding. Police radio transmissions describe casualties being taken to local hospitals,” CBS reports. “San Francisco General Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew said the hospital received patients from the incident but could not confirm a number.”

Photo: Nasim Aghdam at PETA protest

YouTube employees took to Twitter to report hearing shots and seeing people running from the scene, as police surrounded the building.

ABC 7 previously reported that, “another law enforcement source confirms to ABC7 News reporter Dan Noyes that the shooter is a white, adult female wearing a dark top and head scarf.”

NBC Bay Area investigative reporter, Vicky Nguyen identified the YouTube shooter late Tuesday evening

Nasim Aghdam ranted against YouTube on YouTube:

NY Post reports:

The woman behind Tuesday’s shooting at YouTube headquarters has reportedly been identified.

Nasim Aghdam, of Southern California, is said to be the suspected gunman, according to NBC Bay Area’s Investigative team.

Officials told the outlet that she is in her 30s.

Aghdam’s boyfriend is reportedly one of the shooting victims, along with two women. The trio worked at YouTube headquarters, which is located in San Bruno.

Sources told NBC that Aghdam appeared to have a YouTube channel — and may have also gone by other aliases.

She reportedly posted videos under the name “Nasim Wonder1,” with some dating back to 2011.

Her most recent post came three weeks ago and was titled “Leg Exercises At Home Fitness.”

In another video, posted by NBC reporter Vicky Nguyen, Aghdam complains about being “discriminated and filtered on YouTube.”

The clips have since been scrubbed and her account has been deleted.

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