George H.W. Bush Quietly Honored Barbara with Unexpected Wardrobe Choice at Funeral

George HW Bush Quietly Honored Barbara with Unexpected Wardrobe Choice at Funeral

Barbara Bush, a great American and first lady, was laid to rest Saturday.

Approximately 1,500 mourners paid their respects to the 92-year-old matriarch of the Bush family as she took her final journey on this earth.

There were plenty of ways that people paid their respects to Barbara Bush. However, one of the most moving was from her husband, former President George H.W. Bush.

Readers might remember that literacy was Barbara Bush’s major cause during her time as the first lady. She went as far as to call it the “most important issue we have,” as The Hill notes.

So, when Bush’s husband of 73 years attended her funeral in Houston, he decided to pay tribute to her with a very special pair of socks.

“To honor his wife of 73 years and her commitment to family literacy, for which she raised over $110 million over the course of over 30 years, (George H.W. Bush) will be wearing a pair of socks festooned with books at today’s funeral service for former First Lady Barbara Bush,” Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath said on Twitter.

McGrath later tweeted a picture of the socks the former president wore to the funeral.

There were plenty of luminaries at the funeral to celebrate the life of Barbara Bush. First lady Melania Trump and former first ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush were in attendance. (The other living first lady, Rosalyn Carter, is recovering from surgery.)

President Donald Trump watched from Mar-a-Lago, saying he didn’t want to disrupt the event with the extra security his presence would bring.

While there were plenty of wonderful tributes to Barbara Bush during her funeral, it was perhaps a pair of socks that was the most touching.

George and Barbara Bush spent 73 years together in a journey that would take them to the White House. They even had a son who occupied the Oval Office.

Yet, as she took her final journey home, the one thing that her husband remembered her by — at least in terms of her public work — was her literacy campaign.

And it was a noble one, particularly given the previous first lady seemed determined to starve kids as her legacy.

If that doesn’t bring a little bit of mistiness to the ol’ eyes, I don’t know what will.

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