Gowdy Rips Comey’s Character Apart on Live TV… Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

Gowdy Rips Comeys Character Apart on Live TV Says What Weve All Been Thinking

During his time in Congress, Trey Gowdy got the nickname “The Bulldog.”

If you ever want to know why, just watch some footage of the man in action. There’s plenty of it on this website, and let’s face it, the first few rounds of the NBA playoffs aren’t that interesting anyway so you may as well watch it.

However, if you want to know why’ll we’re going to miss the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, this is pretty much the perfect primer. And as a bonus, it involves our favorite punching bag, James Comey.

Gowdy went on Fox with Bret Baier, and he didn’t hold anything back.

Video below:

“I read the memo six months ago,” Gowdy said. “I think it’s imporrtant for all members of Congress and ultimately the public to see (it).”

Gowdy went on to say that if there were “anything really, really important in these memos,” we would have heard about it, criticizing Comey for his “morality tour.”

The House Oversight Committee chairman’s appearance was one of the more interesting ones in recent days inasmuch as he didn’t look to be scoring points for anyone.

Gowdy was in pure bulldog form, tearing pretty much everyone a new one.

However, the best line of the morning was saved for the former FBI director.

“Jim Comey said, ‘I don’t do sneaky things,’ except memorialize private conversations,”Gowdy said.

‘I don’t leak,’ except when I do leak. And ‘I don’t do weasel things’ — I think this whole book tour is a pretty weasely thing, quite frankly.”

Thank you, and good night. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they call him “The Bulldog.”

I know that that Gowdy is apparently leaving Congress. However, I also know that there’s an opening at the top.

I’m not saying. I’m just sayin’. 

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