Taxpayers Stuck In Another $300 B Massive Bill, In The Middle Of The Night!

Taxpayers Stuck In Another 300 B Massive Bill In The Middle Of The Night

When everyone is sleeping, Washington isn’t.

In times of crisis, our leaders choose the easiest way and stuck the taxpayers with another massive bill.

And  the republicans are trying to sell their latest budget deal as a major benefit for conservative causes instead of manning  up and making the necessary cuts.

Daily Wire writes about the latest temporary government shutdown and the fallout:

How else to explain the sheer cowardice of a Republican Party that just passed a massive budget increase, then cheered it as the very model of a modern budget victory?

ABC News breaks down the bill:

The two-year budget deal would lift caps on defense and non-defense spending by $300 billion over two years. It also includes: $6 billion to fight the opioid crisis; $5.8 billion for child care development block grants;$4 billion for veterans medical facilities; $2 billion for medical research; $20 billion to augment existing infrastructure programs; and $4 billion for college affordability. The measure would extend government funding at current levels until March 23 to allow lawmakers to finalize details on the spending in a separate measure.

So not only are Republicans blowing out spending, they’re unlikely to be able to pass any new legislation with 51 votes in the Senate.

Well done, GOP.

But the truth is that the Republicans are bowing to the inconsistency of the American people, who routinely tell pollsters they want government cut, but never want to actually cut government programs, and get angry when legislators shut down the government in order to try to do so. So long as the American people demand that their lawmakers lie to them, their lawmakers will continue to do so.

And, what’s the most sad is the fact that draining can’t be relegated with only on party, not this time.

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