Advocacy: Katy Dieckhaus Honors Daughter Evelyn Through Gun Safety Work

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In the aftermath of a tragic shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, Evelyn Dieckhaus, a 9-year-old girl known for her caring nature and strong faith, was among the victims. Her mother, Katy Dieckhaus, opened up to Abby Ham about her daughter and the ways she continues to honor her memory through advocacy work.

Katy described Evelyn as a kind soul with a fierce side. Recalling the heartbreaking moment when she received Evelyn’s school belongings after her passing, Katy revealed that a poem written by Evelyn in school holds a special place in her heart, offering a glimpse into her daughter’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Evelyn’s love for softball and passion for music were highlighted by Katy, who continues to cherish her daughter’s pictures, schoolwork, and Bible. One marked verse in Evelyn’s Bible resonates deeply with Katy, providing comfort and guidance in her grief.

Following the tragedy, Katy found solace in joining Voices for a Safer Tennessee, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advocating for pragmatic firearm laws and prioritizing firearm safety. Through her involvement with the group, Katy hopes to prevent similar tragedies and promote a more secure environment for all.

Reflecting on the challenges of coping with such a devastating loss, Katy emphasized the importance of understanding the complexities of mental health and the impact it can have on individuals and families. Despite the pain she endures, Katy approaches her advocacy work with hope and determination, inspiring others to join her in meaningful conversations and actions for change.

Throughout her journey, Katy finds comfort in carrying out her daughter’s legacy and keeping Evelyn close in her thoughts and heart. Their bond remains unbroken, guiding Katy in her efforts to make a difference and create a safer community for future generations.