Assaulted Woman by Repeat Offender Declared Long-Term Offender in Toronto Court

Brantford, Ontario – A man from Brantford, Ontario with a history of assaulting women has been declared a long-term offender during his recent sentencing in a Toronto court. The individual, identified as Brendan Bananish, age 37, has accumulated ten convictions for assaulting women.

During an incident in 2020, Bananish reportedly stabbed the mother of his four children multiple times in a Toronto motel room before leaving her to bleed. The woman managed to make her way to a hallway after 12 hours where she was discovered and taken to the hospital. She endured 21 days in the hospital with 11 stab wounds, two spinal fractures, and a chest injury.

Justice Andrew Pinto, in his decision, noted the escalation of violence in Bananish’s offenses in 2019 and 2020. Reports and assessments, including a psychiatric diagnosis, highlighted a substantial risk of re-offending by Bananish.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Bananish moved to Brantford as a teenager where he developed a heavy drinking habit that began at the age of 12. He was involved in the use and sale of crystal methamphetamine and started accumulating a criminal record in 2006 for assault and numerous breaches of orders.

In 2019, Brantford Police discovered an illegally modified semi-automatic rifle with a filed-off serial number in Bananish’s home after a violent altercation with his partner. Justice Colette Good sentenced Bananish to 15 months for possessing the firearm, emphasizing his threat to shoot police if they came to the house.

Despite multiple court orders to have no contact with former partners, Bananish continued to be involved with various women in Brantford. Upon his release in October 2020, he defied an order to stay away from his victim and moved into her Sault Ste. Marie residence.

During a visit to Toronto, Bananish had a violent episode in a hotel room, stabbing the woman multiple times with a pocket knife. He later stated delusional thoughts, including allegations of a satanic cult and involvement of his children in sex parties.

Ultimately, Justice Pinto approved the designation of Bananish as a long-term offender and sentenced him to seven years and three months in custody. With credit for time already served, Bananish will spend an additional 24 months in a federal penitentiary. The long-term offender designation will remain in place for the next eight years.