Bridgeless! Dali container ship finally freed after Baltimore explosion

Baltimore, Maryland – After more than six weeks since the destructive incident involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, the Dali container ship has been successfully freed from the remnants of the collapsed bridge. Authorities called in explosives experts from the U.S. Army to carry out a controlled detonation to dislodge a section of the bridge that was impeding the ship’s movement.

Reports indicate that the controlled explosion was carried out yesterday afternoon, allowing for the safe removal of the obstructing bridge section. This action was necessary to enable engineers to refloat the Dali container ship and return it, along with its crew, to the Port of Baltimore for further inspections.

Local authorities have confirmed that plans were in place for the demolition of the remaining bridge section, with the ultimate goal of restoring the full capacity of the Port of Baltimore by the end of May. The port, which is a crucial hub for various goods and the busiest in the country for car shipments, had been partially closed following the bridge collapse.

Footage of the explosion, captured by a local news outlet, WUSA9 News, shows the precision of the detonation as the last remaining span of the bridge crumbles into the water below. Despite the successful removal of most of the bridge from the Dali, a section of the roadway still lingers on the bow of the ship.

With the ship now freed from the debris, workers are focusing on removing the remaining section from the vessel over the next few days. Once the ship is cleared, inspections will be conducted to assess the condition of the shipping channel, with hopes of reopening it to cargo traffic in the near future.

The entire process, from the initial incident to the controlled detonation and subsequent clearing of the ship, highlights the collaborative efforts of various authorities and experts involved in resolving the aftermath of the bridge collapse. The meticulous planning and execution of the operation underscore the importance of prompt and decisive actions in ensuring the safe navigation of maritime traffic in the region.