Brutal Wembley Attack: Man Jailed for 16 Years After Stabbing Woman and Leaving Her for Dead

Wembley, London – A man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for a brutal attack on a woman in Wembley, where he repeatedly stabbed her and left her for dead. Itesh Ira, 35, of Belmont Avenue, Wembley, was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a knife.

The Old Bailey heard that Ira launched the violent attack in the middle of a street, resulting in the victim sustaining stab wounds to her face, neck, and body. Emergency services responded to the scene on September 30, 2022, and found the victim lying on the pavement, critically injured. The force of the attack was so severe that the knife used by Ira snapped in half during the assault.

CCTV footage captured Ira stomping on the victim’s head while she lay helpless on the ground. Fortunately, a courageous bystander intervened, preventing potentially more severe injuries. Ira later turned himself in at Wembley Police Station, leading to his arrest.

The victim, known to Ira, was hospitalized for several weeks to receive treatment for her injuries, which included eight lacerations to her face, neck, and body, significant head wounds, and fractures to her hand. Detective sergeant Mitesh Mulji described the attack as senseless and horrendous, with evidence pointing towards Ira’s intent to kill the victim.

Mulji emphasized that violence against women and girls is a top priority for law enforcement, underscoring the commitment to holding perpetrators of domestic abuse accountable. He commended the victim for her strength in supporting the prosecution, despite the profound physical and psychological scars left by the incident.

Additionally, Mulji praised the courageous bystander who intervened, preventing further harm to the victim and ultimately saving her life. The individual received a Judge’s Commendation for their bravery in challenging Ira during the attack. The outcome of the case brings a sense of closure to the victim, knowing that Ira will no longer pose a threat to other women.