Brutal Wembley Stabbing: Man Jailed for 16 Years for Attempted Murder and Possession of Knife

Wembley, UK – A man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for a vicious attack on a woman that left her with multiple stab wounds. Itesh Ira, 35, from Belmont Avenue in Wembley, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and possession of a knife in a court hearing at The Old Bailey last week.

The court heard that Ira launched a brutal assault on the victim in the middle of a street, causing serious injuries to her face, neck, and body. Emergency services responded to the incident on September 30, 2022, finding the victim barely conscious on the pavement with a broken knife nearby.

Security footage revealed that Ira continued his violence by stomping on the victim’s head while she lay helpless on the ground. Fortunately, a brave bystander intervened, preventing the injuries from escalating further.

Following the attack, Ira turned himself in at the Wembley Police Station and was promptly arrested. The victim, who had a prior relationship with Ira, was hospitalized for several weeks to undergo treatment for her extensive injuries.

Detective Sergeant Mitesh Mulji expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “Ira’s calculated actions with a deadly weapon demonstrate a clear intent to cause harm. Incidents like this emphasize the urgent need to address violence against women and girls.”

Mulji also praised the victim’s courage throughout the legal process, noting the significant impact of the traumatic event on her physical and mental wellbeing. Additionally, he commended the heroic bystander who intervened, preventing further harm and ultimately saving the victim’s life.

The sentencing of Ira serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to hold perpetrators of domestic abuse accountable. The collaborative approach between the Met Police and their partners highlights the commitment to ensuring safety and justice for all.