Drone Warfare: Russian Soldier Fights Off UAV with Gasoline Bottle, Causes Explosion

Kyiv, Ukraine – A video recently shared on social media captures a tense moment between a Russian soldier and a first-person view drone. In the footage, the soldier is seen attempting to deter the drone with a bottle of gasoline, ultimately leading to an explosion in the distance. The authenticity of the video, released by the Prytula Charity Foundation, remains unverified in terms of location and date.

FPV drones have become a prevalent threat on the battlefield, capable of delivering explosives and causing significant damage to troops. The increasing use of drones has prompted responses from both Russian and Ukrainian forces, with soldiers resorting to desperate measures like using gasoline to fend off the aerial threats.

In a plea on social media, a Russian soldier called for pump shotguns to combat the drones, highlighting the significant impact they have had on their operations. Ukrainian troops, on the other hand, have reported that a large number of their wounded soldiers have been targeted by FPV drones or explosives dropped from drones during combat.

Drone pilot Dmytro Lysenko, part of the 109th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, shares his experience of hunting Russian soldiers and heavy armor in the Donetsk region. Despite his role, Lysenko expresses discomfort in targeting Russian soldiers with explosives, emphasizing the challenging and emotional nature of drone warfare.

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) have also played a significant role in countering Russian aggression, eliminating several soldiers and destroying heavy equipment using FPV drones. These tactical maneuvers have showcased the evolving nature of warfare in the region, with technology playing an increasingly crucial role in military strategies.