Durham Man Arrested for Two Deadly Shootings in Connected Incidents

Durham, North Carolina – A 32-year-old man is facing charges in connection with two fatal shootings that took place on Saturday in Durham.

The first incident occurred in the morning near the intersection of Southwest Durham Drive and Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard. Authorities found Jennifer Faith Eno, 32, with a gunshot wound in a vehicle stopped in the northbound lane. Despite being rushed to a local hospital, Eno succumbed to her injuries.

Just eight minutes later, an off-duty Durham police officer heard gunshots in a business’s parking lot on Mount Moriah Road. Scott Edward Snyder Jr., 31, was discovered with a gunshot wound and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Brandon Julius Eno, 32, has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with both shootings. Police indicated that the incidents were related. Eno is currently being held without bond at the Durham County Jail.

Authorities have mentioned that Eno was familiar with at least one of the victims but have not provided further details regarding the relationships or motives behind the shootings.

Witnesses reported hearing the commotion outside the Home Depot where the incidents occurred. One witness described seeing a man being taken away in an ambulance after being shot near a red van, with shoes scattered by the vehicle and blood on the ground.

According to Eno’s court-appointed attorney, he is a father of a 12-year-old child who resides with him. The attorney shared that Eno has been a resident in the area for several years and has family connections nearby.

Investigations into the shootings are ongoing as authorities gather more information to determine the full circumstances surrounding the tragic events.