Escape: Idaho Inmate Pleads Guilty After Hospital Attack

Boise, Idaho – An Idaho inmate who escaped custody following a violent confrontation with corrections officers at a hospital has pleaded guilty to escape. Skylar Meade, the inmate in question, made the plea in 4th District Court, potentially facing additional felony enhancements that could result in a longer sentence. The sentencing is scheduled for July, where he could face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

The incident unfolded on March 20 at a Boise hospital when officers from the Idaho Department of Correction were getting ready to transfer Meade back to prison after receiving medical treatment. The confrontation turned violent when Nicholas Umphenour allegedly shot two corrections officers, with a third officer sustaining injuries when mistakenly targeted by another officer. Thankfully, all three officers survived the ordeal.

Following the attack, Meade and Umphenour fled the scene, eventually being apprehended in north-central Idaho before being captured in the southern part of the state the next day. Umphenour, facing multiple charges including aggravated battery on law enforcement officers and aiding in escape, is yet to enter a plea but has a hearing scheduled later this month.

In addition to the escape charge, Meade is also facing felony enhancements for his alleged involvement in causing harm to the officers during the altercation. These specific allegations will be addressed in a hearing set for June 20, as detailed in court documents. Despite efforts to reach Meade’s defense attorney for comment, no response was immediately received, while Umphenour’s public defender was unavailable for a statement on the matter.

The escape incident highlights the dangers faced by corrections officers in carrying out their duties and the potential risks involved when transporting inmates outside of correctional facilities. The legal proceedings in this case will shed light on the consequences for those involved in assaulting law enforcement and fleeing custody, emphasizing the serious nature of such crimes in Idaho’s criminal justice system.