Exploitative Bogus Schools “Duping” Indian Families in Canada’s International Student Program: Verma

New Delhi, India – The issue of bogus schools “duping” Indian families and exploiting international students in Canada has been raised by India’s envoy to Ottawa, High Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Verma. He emphasized the need for Canadians to rebuild the country’s image as a destination for talented individuals, expressing concern over the tragic consequences faced by some students who have been victimized.

Verma revealed that some Indian students have lost their lives after falling into the traps of unethical educational providers in Canada. These incidents not only affect the students and their families but also tarnish the reputation of the international student program in Canada. Last year, the country saw a significant increase in study permits, prompting the government to enforce a two-year cap on foreign student admissions.

While Canada has welcomed over one million international students, with India being the leading source, Verma highlighted the prevalence of deception in the education system. He shared heartbreaking stories of families sacrificing their livelihoods to support their children’s education abroad, only to have their trust betrayed by exploitative institutions.

The pressure on international students to finance their studies in Canada has led many to work full-time jobs or rely heavily on their families for financial support. Some students face immense financial burdens and anxiety about their future, with reports of tragic outcomes like drug overdoses among Indian students, raising concerns in the community.

In response, Verma encouraged Indian students to share their experiences on social media, shedding light on the challenges they face and how they overcome them. He stressed the importance of providing realistic expectations to parents, who ultimately decide whether their children pursue education in Canada. By fostering open dialogue and raising awareness about the struggles international students endure, Verma hopes to counteract the negative perceptions associated with studying in Canada.

Ultimately, the call to action is to restore the “Brand Canada” in education and regain the trust of international students and their families. The focus is on addressing the systemic issues within the international student program and creating a safer, more supportive environment for all those seeking education opportunities in Canada.