Explosion at Chemical Factory in Mold Leaves One Injured and Evacuates 20 Workers

Mold, Wales – One person was hospitalized following an explosion and subsequent fire at a chemical factory in Mold, Wales. The incident occurred in the production area of the Synthite factory on Denbigh Road, prompting the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service to respond to the scene.

Approximately 20 workers and contractors were evacuated from the factory, with emergency crews working to contain the fire. Despite efforts to control the situation, emergency responders remained on-site to ensure the safety of the surrounding area.

Eye-witnesses described hearing a series of loud explosions, with smoke and flames visible from the factory. Nathan Black, a contractor working at the site, recounted the chaos that ensued following the initial blast, emphasizing the urgency in evacuating the premises.

Sam Evans, who was at a nearby building supply company, also recalled hearing the explosions and witnessing the flames rise from the factory. Residents in the area reported hearing the loud bangs and described a sense of alarm as the situation unfolded.

Local authorities, including Mold town councillor Megan Lloyd Hughes, provided updates on the situation, confirming that multiple explosions had occurred. The area surrounding the factory was cordoned off by police, with road closures in place as a safety precaution.

Synthite, a long-standing chemical producer in the region, has been operational since the 1950s, specializing in the production of chemicals like formaldehyde and agricultural compounds. The incident at the factory has raised concerns about safety protocols and emergency response measures in industrial settings.

As investigations into the cause of the explosion and fire continue, residents and officials alike are left to grapple with the aftermath of the incident, emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparedness in handling such emergencies.