Explosion at Lapeer Fire Pit Leaves Two Teens Critically Injured: Reminder to Avoid Accelerants

Lapeer, Michigan – Two teenagers sustained serious injuries in an explosion at a backyard fire pit in Lapeer over the weekend. The incident occurred on Saturday night when the two 13-year-olds attempted to light a bonfire using an accelerant.

According to Lapeer’s fire chief, Mike Vogt, the explosion was likely caused by gasoline used to start the fire. Both teens suffered severe burns and were rushed to the hospital for treatment. Vogt emphasized the importance of practicing safe fire behaviors to prevent such accidents.

He advised the community to avoid using flammable liquids like gasoline or diesel fuel to ignite fires. Instead, it is recommended to use newspapers, kindling, approved starter logs, and clean-cut firewood. Additionally, having fire extinguishing tools nearby is crucial for safety during fires.

The injured teens and their families are in the thoughts of the authorities following the incident. It serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of following fire safety guidelines to prevent mishaps.

To ensure the well-being of individuals during fires, it is essential to adhere to safe practices and avoid the use of hazardous accelerants. By following proper fire safety protocols, such accidents can be minimized and the community can enjoy fires responsibly.

Authorities urge the public to prioritize fire safety and educate themselves on the proper ways to start and maintain fires. By promoting awareness and adherence to safety guidelines, communities can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries during recreational activities like bonfires.