Friendship Turned Fatal: Hyderabad man murdered by friends over unpaid debt

Hyderabad, India: In a tragic incident, a 28-year-old man lost his life after being attacked by his two friends near Khilwat Ground in Hussaini Alam. The victim, Masood Ali, was allegedly murdered by Mirja Ali and Shaheed following a dispute over a loan of 16,000 rupees. The suspects reportedly used knives and boulders in the attack, leading to Ali’s untimely death.

According to the police, the victim and the suspects had a longstanding friendship, but things took a turn for the worse when the duo demanded repayment of the borrowed sum. When Ali refused to return the money, a heated argument ensued, culminating in a violent altercation that claimed his life. The perpetrators managed to flee the scene before onlookers could intervene, leaving Ali’s brother Tabir to report the incident to the authorities.

The Hussaini Alam station house officer, S Surender, confirmed the registration of a murder case based on Tabir’s complaint. A manhunt is currently underway to locate and apprehend Mirja Ali and Shaheed to face justice for their alleged crime. The community is left in shock and grief over the tragic loss of Masood Ali, with many expressing outrage at the senseless violence that took his life.

In a separate incident, tensions between political factions escalated as four individuals affiliated with the BJP were arrested for their involvement in an attack on two members of the Trinamool Congress in Sandeshkhali. The arrests triggered protests and condemnation from various political figures, underscoring the volatile nature of the political landscape in the region.

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