Gaza City, Gaza Strip – The World Health Organization has commended the Gaza Health Ministry for its robust data collection and credible reporting throughout the ongoing conflict in the region. The United Nations has consistently relied on the ministry’s death toll figures, recognizing its reliability in providing accurate information about the casualties.

In a recent publication in the medical journal Lancet, experts scrutinized the detailed list of casualties released by the health ministry, highlighting the implausibility of the patterns shown in the list being fabricated. However, there have been concerns raised about the inclusion of certain casualties, particularly those related to a blast at al-Ahli al-Arab hospital in Gaza City on October 17.

Despite Hamas’ control over Gaza, the Health Ministry in the enclave still falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority ministry in Ramallah, located in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. This complex administrative structure raises questions about the accuracy and transparency of the reported figures, especially with Israeli forces heavily present in the region.

While Israeli officials have cast doubt on the validity of the casualty figures due to Hamas’ influence in Gaza, they have also acknowledged the overall reliability of the numbers. The lack of differentiation between civilians and Hamas combatants in the reported figures adds another layer of complexity to the situation, as it becomes challenging to accurately assess the impact of the conflict on civilians.

As the conflict continues, the conditions in hospitals compiling the casualty figures have become increasingly difficult, making it harder to identify and accurately account for all those killed. The discrepancies in the updated breakdown of fatalities have raised further questions about the accuracy of the reported numbers, fueling the ongoing debate surrounding the true extent of the human cost of the conflict.

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding the casualty figures, the Gaza Health Ministry remains committed to providing transparent and accurate reporting on the casualties resulting from the conflict. As the conflict persists, the need for reliable and trustworthy information becomes increasingly crucial in understanding the full impact on the civilian population in the region.