Keefe D Alleged to have Boasted about 2Pac Murder, Officer Claims

Las Vegas, Nevada – Keefe D, a suspect in the murder of rapper 2Pac, is currently in custody awaiting trial. The Compton Gang Unit officer, Robert Ladd, has revealed new information about the case. According to Ladd, a member of the gangster’s nephew was reportedly bragging about being the one who pulled the trigger during the 1996 shooting.

Ladd claimed that there was a miscommunication between the Las Vegas PD and Compton PD, which led to a missed opportunity to intercept a white Cadillac allegedly involved in the murder. Multiple informants named Keefe’s nephew, Orlando Anderson, as the shooter. Ladd mentioned that Orlando came back and started to brag about the killing. He also mentioned that the information they received from multiple informants implicated Orlando as the only one bragging about the murder.

Last year, Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records boss, expressed his surprise and disbelief at Keefe D’s arrest in connection with 2Pac’s murder. Knight stated that he didn’t believe Orlando was the shooter and didn’t want to see Keefe D get arrested, claiming that he and Keefe D were once on the same football team.

Suge Knight also claimed that neither he nor 2Pac would say much about the incident, but that Orlando wasn’t the shooter. Additionally, Keefe D has recently hired a new attorney to represent him in the murder trial. This new attorney is Carl Arnold, a Howard University School of Law graduate named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

These new revelations add a layer of complexity to the 27-year-old case, stirring up further debate and discussion about 2Pac’s untimely death.