Lahore Sharpshooter Faizan Butt Killed in Encounter with Counter-Terrorism Department

Lahore, Pakistan: A suspected sharpshooter and alleged member of the banned militant group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) met his demise during an encounter with the Counter-Terrorism Department. Faizan Butt, responsible for three attacks on police officials in Lahore within a week, was killed alongside three other terrorists in Karol Ghatti on Sunday night.

Butt’s violent spree included the killing of a sub-inspector and a constable, as well as injuring another police constable. Authorities revealed that Butt meticulously targeted unarmed police officials in uniform, using a pen camera to record his attacks and provide proof to his handlers. Multiple cases of displaying arms and engaging in aerial firing had been filed against him in various police stations.

Initial investigations indicated that Butt’s frustration with law enforcement stemmed from a previous case registered against him following an intelligence-based operation (IBO). Despite being picked up and interrogated, he was released due to insufficient evidence. However, he later faced charges for possession of explosives and planning a terrorist attack, leading to his incarceration.

During his time in prison, Butt connected with a jailed leader of a banned sectarian outfit, who facilitated his release on bail with a substantial amount of money. Collaborating with the leader, Butt engaged in firing practice in tribal areas and traveled to Afghanistan to meet with TTP leaders who assigned him the task of killing six policemen to gain membership in the banned group.

Following Butt’s demise, a CTD team discovered a pistol and two grenades in Karol Jungle during a weapon seizure operation. Subsequently, a group of around six terrorists opened fire on the police, resulting in the death of four attackers, while three managed to escape. Law enforcement recovered two Kalashnikovs and a pistol from the scene.

As authorities work on identifying the deceased terrorists and conduct a search operation to apprehend the fugitives, the incident highlights ongoing concerns of militant activity and law enforcement efforts in Pakistan. Published reports indicate the complexity and persistence of terrorist threats, demanding continued vigilance and collaboration among security forces to maintain public safety.