Man Accused of Murder Requests Dismissal Due to Lack of Evidence

Bennington, Vermont – A man from Bennington, Deven Moffitt, is seeking to have his murder charge dismissed, claiming that the state’s case against him relies heavily on the testimonies of two jail informants. Moffitt, 33, is accused of second-degree murder in the death of Jessica Hildenbrandt in July 2019. Hildenbrandt, 43, a resident of Ballston Spa, New York, was reported missing for several months before her remains were discovered near a gravel pit in Searsburg, Vermont. However, her remains were not positively identified until July 2020 when a medical examiner determined her death to be a homicide.

The defense attorney for Moffitt is arguing that the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient, pointing out the lack of physical evidence, witnesses, surveillance footage, or a confession connecting Moffitt to Hildenbrandt’s death. Additionally, the cause of Hildenbrandt’s death could not be determined by the medical examiner’s office. The defense claims that the state police have relied solely on statements from two individuals who were incarcerated at the time of their interviews with law enforcement.

In response to the motion filed by Moffitt’s attorney, Deputy State’s Attorney Jared Bianchi stated that the defense’s interpretation of the evidence is inaccurate. The state has until May 31 to respond to the motion, with a hearing on the matter scheduled for the same day.

The police affidavit reveals that one informant alleged Moffitt discussed disposing of a body and requested help, while another informant claimed Moffitt spoke about strangling a woman over money and discarding a cellphone. Law enforcement authorities conducted thorough investigative work, including analyzing cellphone data and conducting interviews with Hildenbrandt’s acquaintances, friends, and Moffitt’s associates. It was revealed that Moffitt and Hildenbrandt began a relationship in 2017 while he was serving a prison sentence in Vermont.

Moffitt is set to face a jury trial in November, where Bianchi has requested permission for jurors to visit the location where Hildenbrandt’s remains were found. The case continues to unfold as legal proceedings progress, with both the defense and prosecution presenting their arguments before the court.