Memorial Motorcycle Ride Honors Teens Killed in Henryetta Mass Murder

Henryetta, Oklahoma – A community in Henryetta, Oklahoma came together to honor the memory of five teenagers tragically killed by a convicted rapist last year. The memorial motorcycle ride held at Nichols Park paid tribute to Brittany Brewer, Ivy Webster, Tiffany Guess, Rylee Allen, and Michael Mayo, who lost their lives at the hands of Jesse McFadden, along with his own wife Holly, before taking his own life.

The families of the victims gathered to remember their loved ones and raise awareness about the need for stricter laws regarding offenders like McFadden. Janette Mayo, grandmother of three of the teenagers and mother of one of the victims, expressed the pain and loss they have endured, emphasizing that their lives were unjustly taken away and that no punishment seems sufficient.

Nathan Brewer, father of Brittany, spoke about the profound impact of losing his daughter and emphasized the need for organizations like Oklahoma Predator Prevention to raise awareness and help prevent similar tragedies in the future. Brewer highlighted the importance of ensuring that offenders serve their full sentences to protect society from potential harm.

Despite efforts to pass legislation for stricter sentencing for certain crimes, Nathan remains hopeful for national change to prevent other families from experiencing the same tragedy. The memorial ride serves as a way to honor the lives of those lost and to advocate for a safer community where such heartbreaking events can be prevented in the future.

The families of the victims, including Janette, continue to carry the pain of their loss every day, but their determination to raise awareness and promote prevention remains unwavering. The annual memorial ride in Henryetta serves as a reminder of the young lives cut short and the need for ongoing efforts to protect the community from similar tragedies.

As the community gathers year after year for the memorial ride, they honor the memories of Brittany, Ivy, Tiffany, Rylee, and Michael, ensuring that their lives are never forgotten while advocating for a safer future for all.