Missing 19-Year-Old Found Shot, Burned: Missouri Murder Case Unveiled

Festus, Missouri – Authorities in Missouri have charged Thomas Gamble, 21, with murder following the disappearance of 19-year-old John Paul Parton in 2021. The investigation into Parton’s vanishing led to recent witness testimony, which implicated Gamble in his death, officials from the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported. Gamble was apprehended in Louisiana on May 1, as the case unfolded.

Parton was last seen in Jefferson County, Missouri, on May 16, 2021. According to family members, Parton disclosed to his parents that he had been involved in a burglary with friends, where they allegedly stole $2,000 and other items. A disagreement over the stolen money reportedly arose, prompting concerns that it may have escalated to a fatal outcome, as indicated in reports.

Breakthrough in the investigation came in March when detectives in Jefferson County were given information from a witness alleging that Gamble had confessed to killing Parton. The witness claimed that Gamble fatally shot Parton in May 2021, merely two days after Parton’s last known communication.

Accounts from witnesses described how Gamble shot Parton while traveling in a vehicle, leading to Parton’s demise. The perpetrator then allegedly disposed of the body, later attempting to conceal the crime by burning it in a bathtub, according to statements from the court documents.

Further revelations came to light as a second witness stated that Gamble had admitted to the killing and was witnessed cleaning up blood from the crime scene. Investigators also uncovered that the vehicle involved in the incident had been sold and altered by the current owner, indicating attempts to conceal evidence.

Following the mounting evidence, Gamble was formally charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering, and abandonment of a corpse. Despite the charges, authorities have not yet located Parton’s remains. Gamble remains in custody in Louisiana, awaiting extradition to Missouri to face trial. The case continues to unfold as investigators seek justice for the untimely death of John Paul Parton.