Multi-Fatality Wreck at Alabama-Georgia Border Causes Traffic Diversion and Shutdown of I-85

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. – Multiple people were killed in a fatal wreck at the Alabama-Georgia border on Monday morning. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the occurrence of a “multi-fatality” wreck in Alabama, just past the state line.

Details on the cause of the wreck and the exact number of casualties were not immediately available. The Georgia Department of Transportation traffic information indicated that the crash took place northeast of Shawmut, Alabama, across the state border from Harris County.

As a result of the wreck, traffic was diverted off I-85 at Exit 6 and re-routed onto the interstate again at Exit 77 in Alabama. The Troup Sheriff’s Office informed the public on Facebook about the road closures and recommended using Highway 29 (West Point Road) as an alternate route, albeit warning of expected traffic backups. The estimated clearance time for the area was announced as 12 PM.

The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of road accidents, urging all drivers to exercise caution and follow road regulations. The investigation into the wreck is ongoing, with authorities working to determine the cause and provide support to the affected individuals and families.

In conclusion, the wreck at the Alabama-Georgia border resulted in multiple fatalities, prompting road closures and traffic diversions. Law enforcement officials continue to investigate the incident, underscoring the importance of road safety for all travelers.