Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, known for controversial views on JFK assassination, dies at 93

PITTSBURGH, PA – Dr. Cyril Wecht, a prominent pathologist and attorney known for his controversial views on high-profile deaths, including President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, passed away at the age of 93. The news of his death was confirmed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. Wecht gained attention in 1964 when he challenged the findings of the Warren Commission’s report on Kennedy’s assassination, suggesting the involvement of multiple shooters. Throughout his career, he also conducted investigations into notable deaths such as those of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Wecht’s career was marked by his willingness to challenge mainstream narratives and his expertise in forensic pathology. He was known for his sharp cynicism and his ability to tackle complex cases with a critical eye. Despite facing scrutiny from prosecutors and the public, Wecht remained steadfast in his beliefs and continued to advocate for thorough investigations into suspicious deaths.

In addition to his work in pathology, Wecht was a skilled attorney who contributed his legal expertise to numerous cases over the years. His multidisciplinary approach to forensic science and law set him apart in his field, earning him respect and recognition among his peers. Wecht’s legacy extends beyond his professional accomplishments, as he leaves behind a lasting impact on the fields of pathology and law.

Throughout his career, Wecht prioritized truth and justice, using his platform to shed light on controversial cases and push for transparency in investigations. His dedication to seeking out the facts, even when they were unpopular or controversial, exemplified his commitment to upholding integrity and ethics in his work. As tributes pour in for this trailblazing figure in forensic pathology, it is clear that Dr. Cyril Wecht’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations of researchers and legal experts.