Quintanilla Issues Heartfelt Apology following Fiery Rant at Tejano Explosion

San Antonio, Texas – Renowned Tejano musician A.B. Quintanilla III, a former member of Selena y Los Dinos, made headlines recently following a passionate outburst during his performance at the Tejano Explosion 2024 music festival in San Antonio, Texas, on April 27. The incident, captured in a viral TikTok video, showed Quintanilla addressing the crowd with raw emotion. The Grammy-winning musician later apologized for his actions in a personal video shared on Instagram.

In the viral TikTok video, Quintanilla expressed frustration at the perceived lack of energy from the audience, stating, “Like somebody put a gun to your head and forced you to be here tonight, you know what I’m saying? And that feels horrible as a musician to work so hard over all these years to bring you hits, and you guys come here, and you can’t even raise your hands to clap or be happy, man.” The musician’s passionate rant and the fans’ reactions were all captured on camera.

Quintanilla, who had traveled from Las Vegas to perform at the festival, did not hold back in expressing his frustration. He declared, “For me, I’ll take my music somewhere else. Not here in San Antonio. This is the last Tejano Explosion I’ll ever do.” His frustration extended to the crowd’s lack of support for Tejano music, drawing a comparison to their unwavering loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys, despite the team’s consistent losses.

Despite some in the crowd voicing their opinions, Quintanilla remained steadfast in his stance. He urged the audience to show support for Tejano music, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and appreciating local talent. In a subsequent Instagram post, he apologized for his outburst and spoke about the importance of mental health awareness.

In the heartfelt video, Quintanilla apologized for his behavior at the concert, attributing it to a recent health scare and his struggles with mental health. He revealed that he had undergone a biopsy for a potential cancer diagnosis, which turned out to be negative. Quintanilla shared that he is bipolar and has been dealing with other mental health issues since the passing of his sister, Selena.

He reassured his fans that he is back on his medication and expects to regain balance soon. Quintanilla asked for understanding and forgiveness, expressing his love for his fans and the city of San Antonio. Despite the incident, he promised to see his fans soon at upcoming concerts, expressing gratitude for their support.

The incident at Tejano Explosion 2024 underscored the personal struggles and emotional challenges that artists, including Quintanilla, face. His openness about his mental health journey provides an opportunity for growth and understanding within the Tejano music scene. Overall, the situation serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting artists while recognizing their humanity.