Stepson Charged with Murder After Fatal Shooting in Harris County Home

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A tragic incident unfolded in north Harris County overnight as a heated argument between a stepfather and stepson resulted in a fatal shooting. Shawn Leonard Williams, 47, lost his life after sustaining a single gunshot wound in the upper torso. The perpetrator, identified as Lazarus Richard Williams, 24, has been charged with murder and is currently in custody at the Harris County Jail.

The deadly altercation took place around 1 a.m. on Meadowview Drive, where Lazarus called 911 to report shooting his stepfather during the dispute. Upon arrival, authorities detained Lazarus along with three other witnesses, including Shawn’s adult son, Lazarus’ mother, and his girlfriend. Investigators later revealed a growing animosity between the stepson and stepfather, despite sharing the same living space.

According to reports, the argument between Lazarus and Shawn escalated inside their residence following an evening of socializing at a neighbor’s crawfish boil. Both individuals were under the influence of alcohol when Shawn retrieved an airsoft gun and Lazarus obtained a real firearm, leading to a fatal shot being fired by the stepson. Despite the tragic outcome, Lazarus cooperated with the investigation and remained at the scene following the incident.

The case underscores the potentially lethal consequences of heated confrontations fueled by alcohol and unresolved tensions within households. The Sheriff’s Office emphasized the importance of addressing underlying issues to prevent such tragic outcomes in the future. As the community grapples with this senseless loss of life, authorities are working to uncover further details surrounding the events leading up to the fatal shooting.