Suspect Identified in Houston Attorney’s McDonald’s Shooting Case

Houston, Texas – Houston police have made an identification in the case of the fatal shooting of attorney Jeffrey Limmer at a local McDonald’s restaurant. The suspect, Anthony Martin Landry, 57, is facing murder charges but remains at large.

Situations escalated at the McDonald’s on I-10 at Chimney Rock, where Limmer attempted to defuse a conflict between another customer and employees. Unfortunately, the situation turned deadly when the irate customer retrieved a gun from his vehicle and shot Limmer, resulting in his tragic death.

Following the shooting, the suspect fled the scene in a pickup truck. Law enforcement authorities have pinpointed Landry as the primary suspect in the investigation. The family of the deceased, Jeff Limmer, expressed their relief upon learning about the suspect’s identification and urged for Landry’s swift apprehension to prevent further harm to others.

The Limmer family also extended gratitude to the community for their support and requested privacy as they grieve the loss of their loved one. They also mentioned their prayers for the safety of law enforcement officials involved in bringing the suspect to justice.

Individuals with information on Landry’s whereabouts are encouraged to contact the HPD Homicide Division or Crime Stoppers to assist in the ongoing investigation. The community’s cooperation is crucial in ensuring a swift resolution in this tragic incident.

The city mourns the loss of a valuable member of its community, and the search for justice continues as authorities work tirelessly to locate the suspect. The impact of this unfortunate event has reverberated across Houston, reminding residents of the importance of de-escalation and conflict resolution in the face of escalating tensions. The local authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens as they strive to bring closure to this case.