Suspect Killed by Deputies After Ramming Cruiser in Montana Pursuit

SACO, Montana – A tragic incident occurred in Phillips County on the Hi-Line in Montana when sheriff’s deputies were forced to use deadly force against a suspect on Sunday evening. The confrontation unfolded after the suspect, who was believed to be involved in a shooting south of Saco, crashed his car into a deputy’s cruiser following a pursuit.

Phillips County Sheriff Jerry Lytle revealed in a press release on Monday that the deputies had been called to a home near Saco after reports of a shooting at 7:39 p.m. on Sunday. According to the caller, the suspected shooter was still on the property and threatening anyone who entered the yard. Law enforcement arrived at the scene, where they encountered the suspect who then fled in a vehicle. The victim of the shooting was taken to a hospital in Billings, and the deputies began pursuing the suspect.

Sheriff Lytle stated that during the pursuit, the suspect intentionally rammed his vehicle into a deputy’s car, rendering it inoperable. In response to this aggressive act, the deputies had to resort to deadly force, resulting in the death of the suspect. The Montana Division of Criminal Investigation will be conducting an independent investigation into the incident, while the Valley County coroner will handle the death investigation.

“This is a challenging time for both the suspect’s family and the deputies involved in the incident,” Sheriff Lytle expressed. He emphasized the importance of a thorough and unbiased process in addressing the situation and requested the community to keep all those affected in their thoughts and prayers.