Arrests Made in Murder-For-Hire Scheme Targeting 96-Year-Old Woman in California

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – A fraud scheme took a deadly turn when a 96-year-old woman was killed in Santa Barbara County, California, leading to the arrest of multiple suspects. Pauline Macareno, Harry Basmadjian, Henry Rostomyan, and Ricardo MartinDelCampo were all taken into custody in connection with the murder of Violet Evelyn Alberts. Authorities revealed … Read more

Arrests Made in Murder-for-Hire Scheme Targeting 96-Year-Old California Woman

Santa Barbara, California – Authorities have apprehended four individuals in connection with the tragic demise of a 96-year-old woman in California. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office revealed the arrests of Pauline Macareno, Harry Masmadjian, Henry Rostomyan, and Ricardo MarinDelCampo during a press conference on Thursday. The investigations into the death of Violet Evelyn Alberts … Read more

Murder-for-Hire Plot Targeted ‘Vibrant’ 96-Year-Old Widow in Montecito, California: Authorities Unveil Financial Exploitation Scheme

Montecito, California – A vibrant 96-year-old widow, known for her warm demeanor and social nature, was tragically found dead in her home on May 27, 2022. Violet Evelyn Alberts was discovered in her bed by deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, who were alerted to her home by a broken window in the … Read more

Murder-for-Hire Plot Targets ‘Vibrant’ 96-Year-Old Widow as She Bakes Birthday Cookies

Jacksonville, Florida – A 96-year-old widow known for her vibrant personality was tragically killed in a murder-for-hire plot while innocently preparing birthday cookies, according to local authorities. The suspects involved in the chilling crime have since been taken into custody by the police. The victim, who lived in a quiet neighborhood in Jacksonville, was described … Read more