Safety-Focused Cities Achieve Zero Traffic Fatalities: Interactive World Map Shows Success

Berlin, Germany – Cities worldwide are proving that the ambitious goal of zero traffic fatalities is within reach. According to a recent report, 1273 cities across 26 countries have achieved zero traffic deaths for at least one year. The global traffic crash death toll has shown a slight decrease in recent years, but the statistics … Read more

Family of Kidnapped Victim Grapples with Efforts to Recover Body and Achieve Closure after Decades-long Mystery

LONDON, United Kingdom – In 1969, Muriel McKay, a mother of three, was kidnapped and murdered by two brothers, Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein, in a shocking crime that captured the world’s attention. Despite being found guilty of the crime, Mrs. McKay’s body was never found. The bereaved family has recently made an offer to a … Read more