Deportation of Criminals from Afghanistan and Syria Promised by German Chancellor

Berlin, Germany – Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany announced plans to resume deportations of criminals from Afghanistan and Syria following a recent knife attack by an Afghan immigrant that resulted in the death of a police officer and injuries to four others. The attack, caught on video and widely circulated online, has shocked the nation. … Read more

Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan Threatens Tourism Sector Future

Bamiyan, Afghanistan – The recent attack claimed by the Islamic State group that tragically took the lives of foreign tourists in central Afghanistan has cast a dark shadow over the country’s emergent tourism industry. The incident, which resulted in the deaths of six people, including three Spanish tourists, has left the tourism sector vulnerable to … Read more

Taliban’s Strong Response to Pakistan’s Air Strike Raises Tensions in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Recent tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan have escalated following a series of retaliatory strikes, sparking concerns about the potential for further conflict in the region. Security researcher Riccardo Valle highlighted the history of back-and-forth attacks between the two countries, noting a pattern of tit-for-tat responses. However, the latest incident has seen a … Read more

ISIS-K Terrorizes Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran as Taliban Fights Back

Kabul, Afghanistan – The Taliban, once considered an extremist Islamic movement that reclaimed power in Afghanistan in 2021, now faces a relentless foe in the form of the Islamic State’s affiliate, ISIS-Khorasan. ISIS-K has been a significant antagonist to the Taliban, carrying out a series of attacks in Afghanistan in recent years. Experts suggest that … Read more

911 Speech Shows Republican Dismay Over the Sad State of Our Nation

This year, on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., ripped into President Biden’s foreign policy. McCarthy told Fox News that the president’s actions at home and abroad had made the country less safe. Under the Biden administration our country is headed in the wrong direction. The leader of the U.S. should be uniting our nation, but instead, he has caused our country to be more divided.