Rip Current Warning: U.S. Beachgoers Alerted to Potentially Lethal Ocean Conditions This Weekend

As temperatures soar across the nation, thousands are seeking respite along the coastlines of the United States, but they are being greeted by a silent but deadly hazard: rip currents. These powerful currents pose an increased threat along various popular beaches from the Florida Panhandle to the Northeast through the upcoming weekend. A rip current … Read more

Rips: Unseen Peril Threatening Beachgoers in NSW’s Spoon Bay

Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia – The terrifying experience of being caught in a rip current was vividly described by Julia Baird after a harrowing incident at Spoon Bay on the NSW Central Coast. While swimming in what seemed like a protected natural rock pool, Baird found herself swept into a dangerous rip current flowing … Read more