Political Turmoil in Bangladesh: Study Reveals 91 Deaths Amid Intensifying Party Conflicts and Police Clashes

Dhaka, Bangladesh – A recent analysis by the Human Rights Support Society (HRSS) reveals a disturbing trend of political violence across Bangladesh, reporting 91 deaths in the first six months of 2024, with a substantial number involving supporters of the country’s ruling party. The period has been marked by intense electoral disputes, territorial conflicts, intra-party … Read more

Rahul Gandhi Criticizes BJP’s Understanding of Hinduism Amidst Violent Clashes at Gujarat Congress Office

New Delhi, India — Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi sharply criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) following a violent clash at the Gujarat Congress headquarters, asserting that those involved in the violence do not represent the core tenets of Hinduism. The conflict erupted during a BJP protest against comments made by Gandhi in the Lok … Read more

Israeli Lawmaker Alleges Police Assault During Intense Protest Clashes

Jerusalem – Amid a volatile atmosphere marked by street protests against government measures, a member of the Knesset claimed she was assaulted by police officers during the demonstrations, raising further concerns about law enforcement’s response to civil unrest. The allegation highlights tensions in an already strained national conversation about authority and governance. The protests, which … Read more

Nigerian Suspect Clashes with Police During South African Drug Raid

Johannesburg, South Africa — Tensions escalated during a police operation in Johannesburg early Thursday when an officer was violently attacked by a man suspected of drug trafficking. The incident has sparked heightened concerns about the safety risks law enforcement officers face amid an intensifying crackdown on narcotics distribution in the region. The operation, part of … Read more

Violent Clashes Erupt as Italy Faces Albania at Euro 2024

Dortmund, Germany – Violence marred the clash between Italy and Albania at Euro 2024, with confrontations erupting in both Dortmund and Berlin. The game, deemed high-risk by authorities, saw moments of aggression despite the majority of fans engaging positively. On Saturday afternoon, around 100 Albanian ultras in black attire instigated an attack on Italian fans … Read more

Rohingya Clashes Leave Three Dead, Seven Injured at Ukhiya Refugee Camp

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – Violence erupted at a refugee camp in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, resulting in three Rohingya individuals being killed and seven others sustaining injuries during a clash over dominance. The incident took place at the Madhurchhara Camp 4 Extension early Monday, where members of the Myanmar-based insurgent group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army reportedly … Read more

Response UCLA Police Chief Removed After Campus Protest Inadequacy: Arrest Made in Violent Clashes

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Police Chief has been removed from their position due to an inadequate response to a recent campus protest that escalated into violent clashes. This decision came following the first arrest made as a result of the turbulent demonstration. The protest, which began peacefully, quickly … Read more

Violent Clashes in PoJK Result in Four Civilian Deaths and Multiple Injuries

MIRPUR, Pakistan – Violent clashes erupted in Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) following protests over high prices, resulting in the deaths of four individuals and leaving over 100 injured. The Jammu Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee (JAAC) organized the demonstrations to demand subsidies on essential items such as flour and electricity. Protesters argue that residents of … Read more