Bike Theft ‘Decriminalized’ as 365,000 Cases Go Unsolved in 5 Years, Liberal Democrats Claim

LONDON, UK – The Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about the high number of unsolved bicycle theft cases, which they claim shows that bike theft has effectively been ‘decriminalised’ in the country. According to official crime data, an average of 200 bicycle thefts occur each day, with no culprit being apprehended, the party has said. … Read more

Constitutional Crisis Alert: Democrats’ Drug Pricing Scheme Could Land Them in the Supreme Court!

The Democrats are at it again, peddling their narrative about “negotiating” prescription drug prices as if they’ve discovered the philosopher’s stone of healthcare reform. But let’s be aware their approach is as flawed as their understanding of economics. Here are three glaring truths that expose the Democrats’ so-called “negotiations” for what they are: a sham, … Read more

Democrats are Destroying Democratic Norms

In the United States, not every guiding principle is a law. Several traditions, customs, or best practices were created at one point and are still followed today. Democratic norms facilitate a smoothly-run government. What happens when standards/norms like respect on the Senate floor or accepting election results are violated?   It seems that every day our … Read more