Shooting at Mount Horeb Middle School Leaves Community in Shock, Healing Together

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – Classes in the Mount Horeb School District will not resume until Monday following a tragic incident at the middle school. A 14-year-old boy was fatally shot by police after allegedly attempting to enter the school armed with a gun. The community is reeling from the events that unfolded, with students, parents, … Read more

Mount Horeb School District Reunites Families After Active Shooter Incident

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – Families in the Mount Horeb School District in southwestern Wisconsin breathed a sigh of relief as they were reunited Wednesday evening following a frightening incident involving an active shooter near the middle school. The incident unfolded as breaking news when reports of a lockdown surfaced around 11:30 on Wednesday morning. State … Read more

Suspect Neutralized in Active Shooter Incident at Mount Horeb Middle School

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – Tragedy struck Mount Horeb Middle School as a 14-year-old suspect was fatally subdued following what authorities described as an active shooter situation. Fortunately, no additional injuries were reported during the incident, which led to the suspect’s demise. The situation unfolded when the suspect failed to breach the campus entry into the … Read more