Explosion in Damascus Kills Iranian-Affiliated Individual: Unveiling Regional Instability

Damascus, the capital city of Syria, was rocked by a deadly car bomb explosion in the Mazzah District over the weekend, resulting in the tragic death of an individual. The incident, which took place on May 25, raised concerns among residents and officials alike, as the area is known for housing various security installations. The … Read more

Rebel Groups Accuse Malian Army and Wagner Group of Civilian Killings, Adding to Instability

Bamako, Mali – Rebel groups in Mali have leveled accusations against the national army and the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, for allegedly targeting and killing civilians in recent operations. The Permanent Strategic Framework for the Defense of the People of Azawad (CSP-DPA), comprising armed Tuareg rebel groups, asserted that civilians in the northern … Read more