Sectarian IRA Attack Confirmed in Kingsmill Massacre Inquest: Calls for Public Inquiry

Belfast, Northern Ireland – A coroner in Northern Ireland has ruled that the shooting deaths of 10 Protestant workmen in Kingsmill, Co Armagh in 1976 were an “overtly sectarian attack by the IRA.” The atrocity, claimed by a paramilitary group known as the South Armagh Republican Action Force, has long been linked to the IRA, … Read more

Bank Teller Accused of Stealing $180,000 from Customer

Houston, Texas – Authorities are on the lookout for a Houston bank teller who allegedly embezzled $180,000 from an 86-year-old customer over a period of five months. Cecilia Hope Brown, the former teller, had developed a close relationship with the victim, who considered her like a daughter. Brown now faces charges of aggregate theft from … Read more