Prominent Pashtun Poet and Leader Gilaman Wazir Succumbs to Injuries Following Islamabad Assault

Islamabad, Pakistan — Prominent Pashtun leader and celebrated poet, Gilaman Wazir, succumbed to injuries and passed away after being violently attacked in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The attack, which occurred late Tuesday evening in a bustling area of the city, highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Pashtun leaders in the region. Wazir, aged … Read more

End for Visionary Pashtun Leader and Poet, Gilaman Wazir, Following Attack in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan — Gilaman Wazir, a notable Pashtun leader and poet, succumbed to injuries sustained during a violent attack this week in Islamabad, marking a significant loss to the Pashtun community and raising concerns about safety and ethnic tensions in the region. Wazir, 47, was attacked by unidentified assailants near his home in the capital … Read more