Trump Commends GOP’s Fight for J6 Truth

In a commendable move, former President Donald Trump has lauded House Speaker Mike Johnson for his bold decision to release over 40,000 hours of footage from the January 6, 2021, Capitol incident. This decision, reflecting a steadfast commitment to revealing the entire narrative of that day, is a significant step towards upholding the principles of … Read more

Trump Talks About the Driving Forces Behind His 2020 Election Stance and the Ensuing Fallout

Former President Donald Trump recently discussed his decision to challenge the 2020 election results. This decision, which has been a topic of significant debate and controversy, was made after Trump received a great deal of advice from various quarters following the election. After carefully considering these viewpoints and reflecting on his convictions, Trump decided to … Read more

Biden’s DOJ Unleashes Fury: Trump’s Legal Woes Mount as Indictments Pile Up- Here’s the Latest

In a significant development, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, finds himself in the crosshairs of the legal system once again, as a grand jury in Washington, D.C., handed down an indictment against him related to the Capitol riot on January 6. The indictment, which is 45 pages long, contains grave accusations … Read more

Judge Orders Pence To Testify Regarding The Events Surrounding January 6

The Judge ordered that the former vice president must testify before the grand jury investigating President Trump on January 6. According to persons familiar with the order, a federal court decided that former Vice President Mike Pence must appear before a grand jury by January 6, 2021, about his discussions with former President Donald Trump. The Judge rejected Mr. Trump’s claims of executive privilege.

An Increasing Number Of January 6 Defendants Seek To Delay Trials Due To Newly Revealed Video

Defendants accused of offenses related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, are demanding trial extensions to analyze newly released footage. Shane Jenkins became one of the most recent defendants when he filed a request through his attorney to delay the trial in response to the January 6 release of around 41,000 hours of security footage.

Nancy Pelosi’s Refusal Of Trump’s Offer For More Security On January 6 Raises New Questions

There are allegations that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected President Trump’s offer of National Guard troops to guard the Capitol on January 6, 2021. This comes after a government study chastised several law enforcement agencies for letting the riot grow that day, including a video that showed police encouraging riots and waving them on. The government study reveals that “essential information” was withheld from on-duty cops.