Phoenix’s Scorching June Shatters Heat Records: Rising Burn Injuries and Heat Deaths Prompt Urgent Health Warnings

Phoenix, AZ — Phoenix experienced its hottest June on record this year, with nearly half the days last month seeing temperatures soar past 110 degrees Fahrenheit. On the peak day, the thermometer hit a scorching 117 degrees. These extreme conditions are contributing to a steep increase in heat-related health issues including severe burns from contact … Read more

Netanyahu to Address US Congress: Live Updates on Israel’s PM on June 7, 2024

Jerusalem, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address the US Congress on July 24, as reported on June 7, 2024. His appearance is expected to be met with contention in the increasingly divided political landscape. This announcement comes amidst ongoing negotiations for a Gaza truce plan, with Hamas yet to give … Read more

Lebanon Man Found Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter in Wife’s Death, Faces Sentencing in June

Lebanon, Indiana – In a tragic turn of events, Andrew Wilhoite, a resident of Lebanon, was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Nikki. Wilhoite had initially faced a murder charge related to the untimely passing of his spouse. A jury in Boone County deliberated for approximately nine hours before reaching … Read more

Manslaughter Confession: Kelowna Man Admits to Killing Roommate – Sentencing Set for June

Kelowna, British Columbia – A man from Kelowna, British Columbia, confessed on Tuesday to the killing of his roommate nearly three years ago. Lorence Williams, 43, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter death of Thomas Chadwick on May 30, 2021 at 3451 Sexsmith Rd. The sudden admission brought an end to a second-degree murder trial that … Read more