Legislators Propose New Bills for Animal Cruelty, Marriage Age, and Towing Fees in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – As the General Assembly considers hundreds of bills each year, several lawmakers have put forth proposals for the 2024 session that may not have garnered much attention. Among these proposals are House Bill 223 and Senate Bill 11, which aim to restrict animal cruelty offenders from owning more animals. Del. Bobby Orrock … Read more

Nova Scotia Constituency Assistant Calls for Government Funding to Improve Safety at Legislators’ Offices

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A Nova Scotia constituency assistant is advocating for government funding of a second employee in legislators’ offices to address the aggression that front-line workers face at politicians’ workplaces. Kelly Gomes, who experienced a violent attack at work, recounted an incident on Dec. 14 where a man held her by the throat … Read more