Animal Welfare League Probes Sudden Spike in Dog Fatalities at Alexandria Pet Hotel

Alexandria, VA – A disturbing series of events has prompted the Animal Welfare League to launch an investigation into the deaths of multiple dogs at the Potomac Yard PetSmart Hotel. The Alexandria-based facility, known for providing pet boarding services, has come under scrutiny after reports surfaced over the weekend detailing the tragic incidents. Upon receiving … Read more

Fort Wayne Animal Care Warns Against Heat Dangers After Multiple Pet Deaths; Offers Safety Guidelines

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Amid a blistering heatwave gripping the city, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has issued urgent reminders and guidelines aimed at protecting pets from dangerous temperatures which have already claimed the lives of several animals locally. The recent spike in urgent investigations highlights the severe impact of intense heat conditions on … Read more

Hoarding Horror: Las Vegas Couple Faces Multiple Felony Charges for Pet Deaths

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A Las Vegas couple, Carolyn Luke and Timothy Miller, are facing serious felony charges in connection with an alleged case of pet hoarding and animal abuse. They stand accused of keeping numerous animals in deplorable conditions, resulting in the deaths of several pets. Prosecutors have filed multiple felony animal abuse charges … Read more

Animal-Hoarding Las Vegas Couple Face Multiple Felony Charges Involving Pet Deaths

Las Vegas, Nevada – A Las Vegas couple, Timothy Miller, 79, and Carolyn Luke, 72, are facing multiple felony animal abuse charges after authorities discovered a shocking case of animal hoarding leading to several pet deaths. Prosecutors have filed 16 animal cruelty charges against the couple, one for each dog found dead in their care … Read more

XL Bully Dog Owner’s Violent Outburst in Court After Pet Ordered to Be Put Down

Miami, FL – A dog owner exploded in a violent outburst in court after his XL Bully breed pet was ordered to be put down. The incident occurred during a hearing in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, where the judge ruled that the dog, who had attacked a woman, posed too great a risk to the … Read more

Pet Owners Face Charges for Leaving Animals Outside During Louisiana’s Freeze Advisory

As the temperatures in Shreveport, Louisiana begin to drop, concerns have been raised about the welfare of pets left outside in the cold. The Louisiana SPCA is bracing for an influx of calls as animal control officers prepare to treat all reports of animals left out in the cold as emergency calls. With the potential … Read more

Texas Cracks Down on Animal Cruelty with 5-Year Pet Ban for Offenders

Austin, Texas – Texas has implemented a groundbreaking law aimed at protecting animals from abuse and neglect. House Bill 598 imposes a minimum five-year ban on individuals convicted of animal cruelty, preventing them from owning pets after their initial offense. This progressive law covers a broad range of offenses, including individuals engaged in dogfighting operations … Read more

Animal Cruelty Wake-Up Call: Gosnells Woman Faces Charges for Pet Neglect

A woman from Gosnells, aged 47, is facing charges of animal cruelty after allegations of severe neglect of her five-month-old American bulldog puppy. The puppy was reportedly left alone in her backyard without access to food, water, or proper shelter. Witnesses claimed that the puppy was often struggling for basic necessities and had no suitable … Read more

Dog Owner Sentenced to Jail After Leaving Pet in Hot Car for 4 Hours, Prompting Emergency Appeal

GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) – A man from Fort Collins, Colorado was sentenced for the death of his dog, who died after being left inside a car for four hours in 80-degree temperatures. The incident occurred on July 4, 2023, when the man drove to the Foothills Golf Course in Littleton to play golf, bringing his … Read more

PET LOVERS: Last Day to Donate to SQSPCA Fund Drive!

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. – The “Promise for Parkie” fund drive, organized by the Susquehanna Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SQSPCA), is coming to a close at midnight tonight. During this year-end fundraising effort, shelter supporters Beth and Gary Glynn have pledged to donate an additional $5,000.00 to the SQSPCA for every $20,000.00 raised, … Read more