Family of Kidnapped Victim Grapples with Efforts to Recover Body and Achieve Closure after Decades-long Mystery

LONDON, United Kingdom – In 1969, Muriel McKay, a mother of three, was kidnapped and murdered by two brothers, Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein, in a shocking crime that captured the world’s attention. Despite being found guilty of the crime, Mrs. McKay’s body was never found. The bereaved family has recently made an offer to a … Read more

Explosion Survivor Fights to Recover After Christmas Eve Tragedy in Rogers, Texas

ROGERS, Texas—A tragic gas explosion on Christmas Eve has left the community in shock and a family grieving the loss of their loved one. The explosion resulted in the death of Manuela Carrillo and left her husband, Fidel Carrillo, with severe burns as he valiantly attempted to save her. The rest of the family, who … Read more