Manhunt for Stabber of 70-Year-Old Ipswich Grandmother Intensifies as Police Step Up Investigations

Ipswich, Australia – Queensland police are on a relentless pursuit to apprehend the individual responsible for the heinous killing of a 70-year-old grandmother at a shopping center in Redbank Plains, west of Brisbane. Vyleen White was brutally stabbed in the chest during a violent robbery in front of her six-year-old granddaughter on Saturday. Police were … Read more

Sillim-dong Stabber Faces Prosecution’s Demand for Death Sentence in Shocking Case

SEOUL, South Korea – Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the perpetrator of a fatal stabbing in Sillim-dong. The stabbing took place in 2024 and resulted in the death of a college student, prompting a nationwide outcry. The defendant’s trial is scheduled to begin in the coming months. The defendant, whose name has not … Read more