Texas Care Home Owner Faces Murder Charges After 20 Deaths in Alleged Pattern of Abuse and Neglect

Arlington, Texas — Authorities have charged Regla Becquer, 49, with murder amid claims of abuse and financial exploitation in her unlicensed care homes, increasing scrutiny as more deaths surface under her watch. Becquer, who owns several care facilities under the name ‘Love and Caring for People’, was arrested on June 20 following a deeper investigation that revealed a disturbing pattern of neglect and possible criminal activities.

Local police reported that since September 2022, the death toll of patients in Becquer’s homes has risen to 20. The investigation into these deaths indicated severe living conditions and unauthorized financial transactions from the accounts of those under her care. Chief Al Jones of the Arlington Police Department emphasized the urgency and breadth of the ongoing investigation to prevent further harm and uncover the full scope of the alleged misconduct.

“We’ve learned about some very concerning things occurring within these homes and we want to ensure that no victims are falling through the cracks,” Jones stated. He revealed that the investigation had resulted in several patients being rescued from the homes, though concerns remain that others still need help.

In March, authorities expanded their investigation after allegations surfaced that Becquer was also poisoning her patients. Chris Devendorf, whose brother died under suspicious circumstances after being transferred to one of Becquer’s homes, shared a harrowing account of his brother’s rapid health deterioration, which coincided with slurred speech and unusual symptoms just before his death in January.

Patients were reportedly left in squalid conditions, and in several cases, important medications and medical appointments were grossly neglected or outright ignored. Recent investigations uncovered that Becquer strategically moved patients between various homes to complicate oversight and cut off their contact with family members, raising serious concerns about intentional isolation.

Moreover, some patients and families accused Becquer of financial abuse, including unauthorized control over their bank accounts and assets. In one egregious instance, family members of a deceased patient, Kelly Pankratz, claimed nearly $100,000 was siphoned from his accounts over six months—a spending spree starkly out of character for the frugal man described by relatives.

The examination of these financial irregularities uncovered further complexities in the case, with suspicions of identity theft and misappropriated funds pending detailed financial forensics.

Local authorities indicated that Becquer may have exploited certain regulatory gaps given Arlington’s lack of stringent licensing requirements for care homes, unlike nearby Dallas which mandates annual licensure.

The case took a significant turn when a neighbor’s call led police to a distressing scene at one of the care homes last November. Responding officers and emergency medical personnel discovered multiple patients in urgent need of medical attention, prompting immediate intervention.

“This case has uncovered a troubling disregard for the wellbeing and rights of vulnerable individuals,” said an official involved in the investigation, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the ongoing case. “Our priority is to ascertain the full extent of this neglect and abuse and ensure justice for the victims and their families.”

As the inquiry continues, the community remains alert and supportive, hoping for swift action to address these serious allegations and protect current and future patients in similar settings.