Unrelenting Attack in Dara District Leaves 18 Dead and 6 Injured

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia – The Dara district in the North Shewa Zone of the Oromia region has been rocked by a violent attack that lasted for two days, beginning on December 24, 2023. The community has reported that the “Fano militants” were responsible for the attack, resulting in the tragic loss of 18 lives and leaving six others injured.

According to residents, the militants are believed to have crossed into the border of Oromia from neighboring areas. The violence began on December 24 and continued until the following evening. The attackers reportedly established a military encampment in the village of Ilu Goda Chafe after infiltrating the area about a month ago.

The two-day assault in the Dara district resulted in 11 deaths in the village of Godima Sosorka and seven deaths in the village of Kara Mitikora. Additionally, six individuals sustained severe injuries and are receiving medical attention at Dara Hospital in Gundo Meskel, the administrative center of the district. The casualties of the assault included two women, and around 50 cattle were confiscated during the attack.

Furthermore, the ongoing security difficulties have disrupted educational operations in the district. Militant factions have established their presence in 10 of the district’s 41 villages, leading to the shutdown of all schools except for those in the district administration center.

Efforts to obtain a response from officials of the Dara district have been unsuccessful. The violence and its impact on the community continue to be a cause for concern.

In summary, the Dara district in the Oromia region of Ethiopia has been subjected to a devastating attack by “Fano militants,” resulting in the loss of 18 lives and injuries to six other individuals. The ongoing security concerns have also disrupted educational operations in the area, with militants establishing their presence in multiple villages. Efforts to obtain official responses to the situation have not been successful, leaving the community and the affected families in a state of distress.