Urgent Manhunt Underway for Suspect Filmed with Crossbow After Triple Homicide in Bushey

Bushey, England — Police have intensified their manhunt for 26-year-old Kyle Clifford, suspected of murdering three women with a crossbow in a quiet Hertfordshire neighborhood. The victims, identified as Carol Hunt, 61, and her daughters, Hannah, 28, and Louise, 25, were found severely wounded in their home in Ashlyn Close, Bushey, and later pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities released chilling CCTV footage showing a figure, believed to be Clifford, dressed entirely in black and carrying a large, sheet-covered object alleged to be a crossbow. The video captures him walking briskly from an alley leading away from the crime scene, then driving off in a car.

The tragedy has particularly shaken the local community as the deceased were the wife and daughters of John Hunt, a well-regarded BBC Five Live racing commentator. The police are prioritizing the apprehension of the suspect to prevent further violence and assure public safety.

Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson described the killings as a “targeted incident” and emphasized the ongoing efforts to track down Clifford. “Our main goal is to ensure the safety of the public while we locate Clifford, who is wanted in connection to these murders,” Simpson stated. He added that extensive police resources have been deployed across north London and the Bushey area, involving armed officers and specialist search teams.

Authorities believe Clifford may still be armed and dangerous. They urged the public to remain vigilant and report any sightings immediately. “If you see something that doesn’t feel right, especially if you know Kyle Clifford or spot him, please do not approach but call 999 right away,” a police spokesperson advised.

The haunting footage not only led to swift actions by local law enforcement but also stirred concerns about the accessibility and danger of weapons like crossbows. A police source close to the investigation remarked on the sheer size of the weapon involved, “When we first heard a crossbow was used, no one imagined it would be of this magnitude.”

The focus is now also on understanding the motive behind such a heinous act, as investigators comb through Clifford’s background and his connections with the victims. Community members have been left reeling by the violence that has shattered the peace of their town, traditionally known for its tranquility.

The incident has prompted discussions about weapon control and safety measures in residential neighborhoods, highlighting a growing need for strict regulations on potentially lethal weapons.

As the manhunt continues, police are appealing directly to Clifford to surrender. “Kyle, if you are seeing or hearing this, please make contact with the police,” implored Chief Superintendent Simpson.

The authorities reiterated their commitment to capturing Clifford swiftly to bring closure to the grieving family and restore safety to the community affected by this tragedy.