Air Force goes on woke hiring spree: Get paid up Thousands if you fit the Agenda.

The United States Air Force has begun recruiting for a small number of senior-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) managers, intending to station them in locations ranging from the nation’s capital to the Arctic.

Every position offers a yearly salary of at least $82,000, with the highest Pentagon job potentially fetching more than $180,000.

In response to media inquiries, the Air Force should have disclosed the number of senior-level DEI officials now employed by the service or the number of open posts within the service that will be filled in 2019. Since March 3, however, the Air Force has issued job advertisements for four top DEI officials.

The Air Force is offering a salary range of $155,700 to $183,500 for the position of “supervisory diversity equality inclusion and accessibility officer for Air Force headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.” The selected candidate will act as a “first-level supervisor,” overseeing the work of the Air Force’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

As a manager, you’ll be responsible for making ensuring that DEI, accessibility training and education, and strategic communication and involvement conform with legal and regulatory obligations and satisfies customer expectations.  Gathering data is another part of providing “world-class diversity, equity, inclusion, & accessibility efforts” to service members and their families.

There is an opening for a “diversity and inclusion manager” at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. As the Joint Base Installation Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, your annual salary could range from $94,199 to $122,459.

This manager’s primary responsibility will be to teach courses designed to “impact a culture of Diversity and Inclusion within the Department of Defense” to realize the department’s “strategic vision” for diversity and inclusion.

Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska requires a new diversity and inclusion manager. Paying between $93,367 and $121,378 annually, this manager will serve as the DEIA’s chief officer and carry out a “range of tasks to enable and support the attainment of the Installation/Wing Diversity and Inclusion goal.”

To “improve a culture of diversity and inclusion within the AF,” the Air Force must create diversity and inclusion goals and objectives and execute training programs.

Lastly, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama requires a “diversity and inclusion coordinator” from the Air Force. The successful applicant will be the primary advisor on DEI issues at the base for an annual salary range of $82,830 to $107,680.

The federal government has been trying to fill several DEI-related positions, including Air Force positions. More than a dozen openings have been placed on only this month.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, in the Department of Commerce, offers a starting salary of $155,000 to the successful candidate for the supervising director of diversity and inclusion. An officer for diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and employee engagement will be paid at least $132,000 by the department’s International Trade Administration.

The Office of Management and Budget in the White House is offering a starting salary of $132,000 to attract a human capital specialist to work on DEIA concerns.

The Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the Department of Agriculture is looking for a data management support professional to provide analysis and expertise with data. The salary for that position is at least $112,000.